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To respect the environment and forests, we will publish the JBS Journal online and provide no print version.


New issue of the Journal, April 2015, is now available online.

The Joint & Bone Science Journal

The Joint and Bone Science Journal (JBS Journal) is a scientific, peer-reviewed, open-access online journal with the comprehensive coverage of all aspects of bone and joint science. Our mission is to prepare an environment for all joint and bone specialists (bone and joint physicians, engineers and allied health professionals) to share their experience and learn this ever-growing science more efficiently than ever.

Current Issue

The latest issue of JBS Journal is published online on April 1st, 2015.

JBS Journal Hot Paper of March 2015

Effects of a Hydrotherapy on Flexibility and Muscular Strength in Elderly Men

This research article was published in Volume 2, Number 1, has got the most downloads between all published articles in JBS Journal in the last month. It has been downloaded 63 times.

Author of the Month

Touraj Shafaghi MD

He is the assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery in Shahid Beheshti Medical University. He has fellowship in knee surgery and has some publications in joint and bone field, esp, arthroplasty.


Joint and Bone Science Experts LLC

The Joint and Bone Science Experts LLC or JBS Experts LLC (JBSEC) is a joint and bone scientific institute. The main purpose of the institute is to bring around the Masters in Joint and Bone. Its Motto is: “It is all about Bone and Joint”.

This institute owns the “Joint and Bone Science Journal”. The JBS Experts LLC depends on its own budget for all its activities and has no sponsorship from any company except some advertisements.

The official website of this institute is: www.jbsexperts.org.

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