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Medium-term surgical results of intertrochanteric fractures in people over 50

Mohammad Reza Farahanchi MD, Seyyed Mohammad Jazayery MD, Mohhamad Reza Abbasian MD*

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
* Corresponding Author

Introduction: Hip fractures due to falls are among the most common and costly fractures in the elderly. Regardless of the type of fracture, it is obvious that the rate of mortality and morbidity is very high in these patients.

Materials and methods: This retrospective descriptive study was performed on patients who were admitted and surgically treated for intertrochanteric fracture in Akhtar hospital between 1994 and 2004.During the evaluation hips were carefully examined and Harris Hip Score was recorded for each hip. In the radiographs, the position of the device, alignment of the fracture and the situation of union were assessed.

Results: A total of 65 patients died during the follow-up period and only 293 (57.22%) people were present at the hospital to be evaluated. From the total number of 293 cases, 194 (66.2%) were male and 99 (33.9%) were female. The mean age of patients was 65 ± 6.67 years (51 – 83 years). The follow-up time for each patient was at least 1 year. Among the patients, in 121 cases (41.3%) HHS was 80-100, in 101 cases (34.5) was 60-80, in 46 cases (15.7%) was 40-60 and in 25 cases (8.5%) was less than 40. From all 293 patients who were evaluated, only 90 cases (30.7%) acquired their preoperative ADL abilities.

Conclusion: Intertrochanteric fractures are associated with great mortality and morbidity following surgical treatment even within 48 hours past the injury. So preventive measures seems to be so important to reduce this morbidity and mortality rate.

Keywords: Intertrochanteric, Fracture, Internal fixation, Results