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How Effective is Intra-Articular Tranexamic Acid in Reducing Blood Loss in Total Knee Arthroplasty; Prospective, Randomised, Double-blind Study

Robin G MacGillivray FCA(SA),sup>1, Samih B Tarabichi MD2, Nayzak T Raoof FRCA1, Marwan F Hawari MD1, Usama H Saleh MD2*

1- The American Hospital, Dubai, UAE
2- Tarabichi Joint Replacement Institute, Dubai, UAE
* Corresponding Author

The effect of intra-articular tranexamic acid on blood loss in concurrent bilateral total knee arthroplasty was studied in 60 patients in double blind fashion; one knee receiving tranexamic acid, the other knee receiving physiological saline acting as control. A single surgeon performed all operations utilising the same surgical technique and prosthesis. Mean blood loss from intra-articular drains was not significantly different, being 141ml in the tranexamic acid group and 163ml in the control group.

Circumferential leg measurements at levels above, through and below the knees were not significantly different between groups on day two post-operatively compared to pre-operatively. Intra-articular tranexamic acid instillation did not lead to a significant reduction in blood loss in these patients.

Keywords: Bilateral total knee arthroplasty, Blood loss, Intra-articular tranexamic acid