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“Surgeon's view” video capture in Orthopaedic Surgery

Hamid Reza Seyyed Hosseinzadeh MD1*, Morad Karimpour PhD2, Alisina Shahi MD3

1 Shahid Beheshti Medical University, Tehran, Iran
2 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
3 Rothman Institute, Philadelphia, USA
* Corresponding Author

Introduction: A high definition video recording of the surgical field from the surgeon's line of sight with minimal deviation from the natural flow of the surgery can be an invaluable asset for teaching purposes. The current article studies the feasibility of using a head mounted GoPro Hero3+ black edition camera for recording the surgeon's point of view in Orthopaedic surgeries.

Materials and methods: The head mounted GoPro Hero3+ black edition (NASDAQ:GPRO Inc. San Mateo, CA) was used in excess of 200 Orthopaedic surgeries comprising of 100 Total Knee Arthroplasties, 60 Total Hip Arthroplasties, and 60 osteotomies. In all of the aforementioned cases, the camera was controlled using the GoPro App installed on an iPhone.

Conclusion: It was concluded that the recording technique serves as a very cost effective method of capturing invaluable footage of the surgery from the best possible angle, without disturbing the natural flow of the surgery. The only limiting factor was found to be the battery life of the camera which is not a problem for Arthroplasty surgeries, but the surgeon may consider having a replacement battery pack or a reserved camera in case of a prolonged surgery.

Keywords: Picture Capturing, Surgeon’s view, GoPro Hero 3+, Orthopaedics, A.10, A.12, A.13