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To respect the environment and forests, we will publish the JBS Journal online and provide no print version.

How to submit a manuscript to JBS Journal?


In order to submit your manuscript, first read the "Information for Authors" carefully. You must fill in the "Manuscript Information Form" and submit it. Then you have to fill in and submit the "Authors Information Form". Make sure that the authors list is your final one, because changing the authors list requires a complicated process involving all the authors mentioned in the first submitted "Authors Information Form". According to the "Information for Authors", there are some forms in the the "Forms" page, which should be downloaded, filled-in, scanned and sent to the editor-in-chief via the email address: submit@jbsjournal.org.

After submitting a form, if there remains some information that must be changed, do not get back to change the form, instead send the changes via email address: "submit@jbsjournal.org" for the editor-in-chief. Perhaps, any change in the manuscript information can be applied before acceptance for reviewing. Thereafter, any change in the submitted manuscript information follows the policy of the Journal, described in the "Information for Authors" and Journal Policies.

The reviewing process of your manuscript begins when the editor-in-chief approves the completeness of your information.

Follow the link below to begin the process of submitting your manuscript.

Manuscript Information