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Ethics Policy

The JBS Journal Ethics Policies

This Ethics Policies document is intended to inform the public and all persons affiliated with The JBS Masters Center of its general ethics policies. These policies pertain to all publications produced by JBS Masters Center.

Study Design and Ethics

In the preparation of a manuscript, authors should, in general, follow the recommendations in "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication" by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (http://www.icmje.org/).

All studies should be carried out in accordance with the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. Patient consent must be obtained for all human studies, and that must be stated in the manuscript. If such consent has not been obtained, a letter of explanation must be included with the submission. The authors are responsible for obtaining and retaining the documentation of such permission, which should not be forwarded to the JBS Journal in order to protect the privacy of the patients.

All studies submitted for publication must include a letter indicating IRB approval or approval by a similar ethics board, and such approval must be noted in the manuscript. If such approval is not included, a full explanation must be provided to the Editor, who may investigate further.

All manuscripts dealing with experimental results in animals must include a statement that the study has been approved by an animal utilization study committee. The Editor may further investigate that statement. Information about the management of postoperative pain for both animal and human subjects must be included.


JBS Journal considers all authors to be equally responsible for the entire manuscript. All authors must sign a document indicating that they have read and approved the contents of the manuscript.

Each author must have contributed significantly to, and be willing to take public responsibility for, one or more aspects of the study: its design, data acquisition and analysis, and interpretation of data.

All authors must have been actively involved in the drafting and critical revision of the manuscript and each must provide final approval of the version to be published. All authors are held equally responsible for ensuring that documentation is correct and accurate, and that the required permissions have been obtained. No author may disclaim any part of the manuscript.

Any change in authorship (including the order of names and the designation of the corresponding author) after the initial review process will necessitate a signed letter from all agreeing to the change.

Individuals who have contributed to only one section of the manuscript or have contributed only cases should be credited in an acknowledgment footnote.

Originality, Prior Publication and Reproduction of Images

Articles are accepted only for exclusive English publication. Previously published articles, excluding those published in non‐English journals, are not eligible for publication.

All manuscripts that pass the initial review process are screened for plagiarism, which is a ground for immediate rejection. Suspected plagiarism is handled in accordance with the COPE flowcharts.

Redundant publication/submission and duplicate publication/submission deplete the resources of our reviewers and editors. If an author is in doubt as to whether a manuscript might be considered redundant, that author should contact the journal's editor in advance to discuss the issue. Redundant publication/submission is handled in accordance with the COPE flowcharts.

Images may not be enhanced or altered without clear and explicit disclosure in the legend. Any digital manipulation of an image—color, contrast, brightness, etc.—must be applied to the entire image and may not result in misrepresentation of the original image.

Conflict of Interests

All JBS Journal editors have disclosed any conflicts of interest to the Editor‐in‐Chief, who has resolved those as necessary to ensure that an editor conflict of interest does not impact the review of any manuscript submission. Authors are required to reveal any conflicts of interest when they submit the manuscript. The information contained in the disclosure statement has no bearing on the editorial decision to publish a manuscript. A summary of the statements selected by the author or authors will be printed with the published article. Sources of funding must be disclosed in the manuscript text.

Reviewers, associate editors, and/or deputy editors may have a conflict of interest or a competing interest with regard to the subject matter of a manuscript. Such conflicts are disclosed to the handling editor and/or the Editor‐in‐Chief as early in the review process as possible. If warranted, a different reviewer will be asked to evaluate the manuscript or the paper will be reassigned to another editor.

The Editor‐in‐Chief has no known conflicts of interest or competing interests and makes the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of all manuscripts submitted.

Peer Review and Editorial Decisions

Scientific articles and all other manuscripts submitted to JBS Journal are first reviewed by our Editor‐in‐Chief and Senior editors. Some manuscripts are rejected after such initial review, however, the majority of articles are sent to two or more reviewers for double‐blinded peer review. At no time are the identities of authors or reviewers disclosed to one another. JBS Journal follows the COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

Although very few rejection notices are overturned, authors can appeal an editorial decision by sending an email to the journal's Editor‐in‐Chief. The choice to uphold the initial decision, offer a chance at revision, or discuss the paper at an editorial workshop is up to the Editor‐in‐Chief's discretion.


Material appearing in The JBS Journal is covered by copyright. All authors must sign a "JBS Journal Assignment of Publication Rights Form" upon submission of the manuscript. Published articles and illustrations become the property of The JBS Journal. Exceptions are made for certain illustrations and videos, with appropriate documentation and mutual written agreement.

If published material is found to be fraudulent or to contain falsified of data, or if other evidence is found to indicate that material is in violation of ethical standards, JBS Journal follows the COPE guidelines to determine the appropriate action.


Publication of advertisements in all publications of JBS Masters Center does not imply endorsement. Advertisers and sponsors do not have advance knowledge of our specific editorial content, other than the information contained in the table of contents. Content is not edited or modified in any way to accommodate advertisers. The JBS Masters Center does not knowingly permit advertising for a specific product in physical proximity to a specific article mentioning that product.

Editorial decisions are made without influence by advertisers or sponsors. Advertising sales representatives for The JBS Masters Center have no involvement with specific editorial content, other than knowledge of the table of contents, before it is published.