Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

When it comes to sous vide Circulator Permesion, ANOVA has created top-of-the-line products that can be used by anyone. The two most popular options until now are Cooker Anova Precision Nano and Precision Anova BT / WiFi Cooker. Each has its own unique features that make it a choice for beginners and experts who want to prepare sous vide food at home.

Let us get to know Which Anova sous vide is the best?

Anova precision nano stove

If this is the more compact circulator vide that you are looking for, it is definitely worthy of trying Cooker Precision Anova Nano. This device is quiet and the lab, combines precision, comfort, and styles into a neat small package.

Talking about precision, Nano Anova is able to cook your food with an extraordinary 0.1 ° accuracy, so that each recipe will cook exactly as it should be for the best taste and texture. This means you can get everything you want and need from high-quality sous-vide circulator, and you get it in a smaller unit that will still provide quality restaurant food.

How small is the precision stove Anova Nano, precisely? Only 12.8 diameter “height and 2.2”, which means you can easily save it in a drawer in your kitchen to reach out but get out of the way. Plus, it weighs only 1.6 pounds.

But there is more to nano than the tiny size; This product also advanced technology. You can easily connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, click the button, and cook your food while doing something else, even if you are in another room. As long as you are within 30 feet of the circulator, you can control it from your mobile device, so you don’t have to worry about being on your stove when it works.

The Culinary Anova application allows you to adjust nano and monitor the development, so you can stay on various things. And it will even give you notice so you will know when you eat you finish cooking. For that, the practical application gives you a very helpful guide and thousands – yes, thousands! -In delicious recipes that you can try when you want to prepare new foods to enjoy your family. You even have the ability to make and save your own sous vide recipes.

Anova Precision Cooker

One of the best-selling sous vide circulations on the market is the precision stove of ANOVA BT / WIFI. While the Nano model displays Bluetooth connectivity, the BT / WIFI model gives you additional benefits from Wi-Fi connectivity other than Bluetooth. Super easy to arrange, this device will make you cook sous vide recipes that are extraordinary like pro, even if you have never tried sous vide before.

Thanks to the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, you can control your ANOVA precision cooker BT / WiFi from anywhere using your smartphone, even if you are working. If you prefer to take a direct approach when preparing nutritious quality food, the restaurant, this circulator will not disappoint. And, thanks to sustainable temperature control and precision, you will get consistent results every time you cook.

The Precision Cooker ANOVA BT / WiFi is greater than nano, which comes in diameter 14.75 “high and 2.75”. In addition, this device uses sound, with different beeps shows what happens, such as temperature status, water level status, and timer status.

Like nano, you can download the Anova culinary application to access more than 1,000 recipes that you can explore every time you need some fresh ideas for dinner. You can also use the same useful guide, and you have the option to save your own recipes so you can make it more with a bigger convenience.