Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

When you think about it, it makes sense to invest in one of the current dog helmets (Doggie hard hat). After all, your dog’s head needs as much protection as you, especially if they are disabled (trauma head, blind, etc.), spend a lot of time in the sun, maybe often go to drive with you on your motorcycle (invest on goggle too if This is the problem).

Here are just a few benefits of protecting your dog’s noggin.

Providing sun protection

Sun protection is not just a consideration for humans. Dogs need protection from hard ultraviolet rays as humans. Many people dress their puppies in dog clothes to protect them from the sun, especially if they undergo surgery that needs shaving, but most face their heads. In the case you hope to spend a few hours in the sun with your dog, it might spend a day of hiking or boating, having them sports one of the dog helmets today, will help protect them.

General protection

Hard Hat Doggie (along with glasses in a situation called him), will protect your pet head from windblown and other irritant objits They might come into contact with when they come out and about you, whether you are cycling or go drive. Ear damage is another concern because when the ears of a dog flapping the wind, their soft ears can swell, become annoyed and tender. Even worse, repetitive damage can result in a lifetime problem.

Protection to deactivate dogs

Dog helmets are ideal for pets that need to have protection from minor head trauma, visual blind, or have defects that cause them to hit things. Blind dogs are especially frustrated when they hit things. The dog helmet helps this pet regain the trust they need when they explore their world without injury. If you have a dog that suffers from seizures that often fall due to disease, injury, or disability, protecting their heads will play an important part of their healing.

Designed with the comfort and safety of your dog in mind

High-quality doggie hard hats are usually made of high-impact plastic, usually the same as used in a hard-level construction cap. Does your dog’s ear stand? Does not matter. The interior padding used in dog helmets is well designed with a puppy ear, so they are uneven in the dog’s head. In addition, most helmets come with adjustable foam pads that fit the ears between them, not on them. This feature makes a helmet from forcing the ear to lie flat on the head. A dog helmet also includes a customized chin strap.


When it comes to ordering a hard hat Doggie, to make sure the right match, you have to measure your dog’s head across his forehead, behind the head. If your puppy has a floppy ear, including in the measurement process. Next, select the size that matches the measurements you created. If the size of the maximum dog helmet is 12 inches and your dog’s head is the same size, choose the next size for a little additional space.