Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

If your feet suffer from mushrooms or if you don’t know what to do about the toes that grow inside, we have 8 tips and tricks to keep your nails healthy and interesting. From Epsom salt to cotton balls, you can fix your nails in a short time.

Forbid Fungus.

Prevent mushrooms from attacking your nails by keeping them cut short and use Vicks vaporub for nail fungus. The longer your nails, the more likely they caught clothes or shoes fitting – and this can attract nails from the skin and open the door to moisture and mushrooms. Take care of the nails just a little longer than the fingertips and your toes nails are only in harmony with your toes.

Soak vinegar.

Is your nail green? It can be a bacterial or fungal infection. Natural acids in vinegar can help kill evil invaders. Place your nails infected in a bowl of white vinegar and let soak; Repeat several times every day.

Soothe with Epsom salt

For inflamed toes (but not infected!), Pour a handful of Epsom salt into a bath or a large bowl of warm water. So dissolved, paste your feet in the water for 15-20 minutes; This soak will reduce inflammation, fight infection, reduce pain, and soften the skin. Repeat several times every day until the condition improves. When you don’t soak it, keep your legs completely dry.

Numb nail.

Dental pain relievers contain local anaesthesia called benzocaine, which can be used topically to turn off the pain of the nails that grow inside. As little as possible to achieve numbness: One drop on the cuticle can do the trick. Keep open wounds and leave for a few minutes, until the skin is numb.

Cotton Ball Cure.

Ease of your foot pain using cotton balls, antibiotic ointments, and bobby pins to form slices between your nails and skin. First, soak your feet in hot water and Epsom salt to soften the area and prepare it for treatment. Separate a small clump of cotton from a cotton ball, and put with antibiotic ointment.

Turn the cotton to a narrow strand or a small ball. Sterilize Bobby Pins or Toothpicks that are not used in alcohol, then use it to push cotton gently under the edge of your nails that grow inside, creating a pillow between your nails and soft skin. Removing a sharp nail from the fold of the skin will reduce pain, help start healing, and direct the nail growth on the skin than in it. Change cotton every day and clean your feet between treatments to prevent infection.

On improvements with moisture

The loose bandages can help soften the stubborn nails and keep them from stabbing your skin. Secure the band-aid or strip of gauze on a nail, then keep it good and moist by dripping water on it. Change the bandage every day and repeat until the soft nails are ready to be cut safely.

Nail trimming 101.

Prevent your nails to grow inside by cutting them properly. First, give your bread soak with warm or hot water. Your nails will be softer and more easily cut. Discover nail scissors or clean and sharp trimmers; Sterilize your cutting tool by rubbing alcohol or bathing boiling water. Cut a straight nail without rounding or tapering angle. One practical rule (or toe!) Is cutting far enough so that the nails are at the tip of your toes. A nail straight angle must stick on both sides rather than inserting into the adjacent skin. Sharp angle files with appeals boards to smooth them.

Try Vicks

You must be thinking What is the best treatment for severe toenail fungus? There are many painkiller ointments for nails that grow into, and they can alleviate your pain while, but they don’t really fix the problem. Instead, this is an unexpected pain relief that functions double duty to also heal the nail grow into you: Vicks Vaporub! Apply menthol cream to all the affected areas – even under the nails, if possible – and wrap with loose bandages so that they remain inserted. Repeat twice every day.